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❚ reality ❚ choice ❚ resistance ✱ James Hollis

autonomous system that supports alignment

wholeness involves aligning our outer choices with our inner reality. When the path we are on is right for our souls, the energy is there. When what we are doing is wrong for us, we can temporarily mobilize energy in service to goals .. but in time such forced mobilization leads to irritability, anger, burnout, and symptoms of all kinds.

When what we are doing is right for us, the feeling function supports us. That is, our autonomous feeling system supports rather than opposes our choices. The support of this autonomous evaluative process confirms the rightness of our choices, even when those around us do not endorse them. When we are doing what is right for us, we will feel a sense of purpose, meaning, and satisfaction, and that communicates itself to others also.

to be afraid of the powers within

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