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creative dance of contradictions

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  1. toggling between imaginative and rational

    fiction-writing process (research conducted on a group of novelists) as a “voyage of discovery” that begins with a seed incident—an event or

  2. this is why artists are modest

    “This is why artists are modest. They know they’re not doing the work; they’re just taking dictation. It’s also why”noncreative people” hate

  3. creative work brings disparate elements together

    Creative people are hubs of diverse interests, influences, behaviors, qualities, and ideas—and through their work, they find a way to bring these

  4. about this site

    The website "" showcases the work of a creative individual. It features a collection of writings, images, and projects that reflect their artistic pursuits and personal experiences. The content explores themes such as philosophy, technology, art, and society, offering unique perspectives and thought-provoking insights. With a minimalist design and a focus on aesthetics, the site invites visitors to engage with the author's creative journey. It provides a platform for self-expression and an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate the intersection of art and ideas.