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what is introspection?

We are engaged in introspection when we reflect on our thoughts, sensations, emotions, and memories and examine what they mean. When we seek to understand prominent aspects of ourselves and make a distinction between first-person knowledge of our own minds and objective, externally available information. When we constantly develop our own methods of exploring the self and interact in a procedure of consciousness-raising.

Introspection is not a specific process that is distinctively aimed at gaining insights about a psychological state. There are dozens of situations and practices that can be introspective, some of which don’t seem to be self-reflective at all and some of which contrast others in terms of their workings and depth of understandings they exhibit. By contemplating and actualizing unconscious material, it is possible to transform one’s mental state and attain solutions to irritating disputes.

Practice of skillful thought, the functional process of introspection, allows us to spirit into personal psychology as one dives into reading a book, illuminating our inner sentiments. It helps us to deliberate our beliefs and desires, to find our voice and speak for ourselves. To study our inner world and integrate our notions with what is in the world around us. To work with our roles and personalities, and the difference between how we see ourselves and how others see us.

beyond introspection

what are us?

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    By shifting our perspective on history and embracing the present, we can unlock our true potential and break free from self-imposed limitations. Discover the transformative conversations with the Catalyst, a psychological coaching that helps individuals overcome fear and resistance, embrace their unique perspectives, and create better futures for themselves and others.

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