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Human Nutrition and Body Composition

In 2010, I became a nutrition geek and went through a total body transformation. I used to be on a heavy side my entire youth. Like many, I used to believe that it is all genetics, “wide bones”, and insufficient exercise. That it has nothing to do with bad habits, bad food, and bad company. After a minor health incident, I decided to study nutrition and body composition and upgrade my health and dieting beliefs. In less than a year, I lost ¼ of my body weight, watching the scale-hand fall from 100 to 75 kg (220 to 165 pounds) mark. And when losing fat was my initial goal, the outcome was beyond my most avid expectations.

At age 27, I felt as if I was alive and in control of my body and mind for the first time. I developed a sustainable practice that I have built upon ever since. Sometimes I think I’m repeatedly re-discovering the same truths but in different aspects of life. For instance, I notice that the form always attempts to reflect intrinsic knowledge in movement. I may force my body to dance around its weaknesses by imitating others or following instructions without listening to the self. My body will eventually break, leaving scars. Diets, bodybuilding, and biohacking fail because they are not sustainable. It’s an attempt to change the exterior without working with the interior. These are means to forget how I feel and what brings me joy.

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