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jung cliff notes twenty nineteen

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  1. earn the treasure of the philosophy of the East

    The ego needs the self and vice versa. The changing relations between these two entities constitute a field of experience which Eastern

  2. failed co-operation of the unconscious

    come to understand why the East believes in the possibility of self-liberation … through introspection and the conscious realization of

  3. jung house in the woods retreat

    Carl Jung. In the 1920s, at the same time that Jung was attempting to break away from the strictures of his mentor, Sigmund Freud, he began regular

  4. extending individual therapy to collective

    We’re not attacking therapy so much as trying to extend it, reveal its blind spots … it’s not the idea of doing therapy that is wrong; there are

  5. journal dialogue technique

    used by many experienced journalers Although Dr. Progoff is generally credited with developing journal Dialogues (Intensive Journal Workshop devotes