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making for the sake of making

Excessive technocentrism is the problem whereby entrepreneurs primarily pursue technology driven by a desire to make an impressive innovation and profit motives, without considering deeper human, environmental and societal needs. “What can we make” mentality focuses on novelty over needs, despite unintended consequences.

Daniel Christian Wahl argues entrepreneurs aim to produce desirable gadgets but ignore issues like coal to power them, focusing on new products over sustainability.

Jacques Ellul wrote that technology drives society for its own self-expansion at the cost of other values. In "The Technological Society" Ellul argues that this “making for the sake of making” transforms technology into an autonomous force unto itself.

Neil Postman warned of similar issues in Technopoly (1992), where the urge to produce innovative technology overrides understanding impacts. He writers “the culture seeks its authorisation in technology, finds its satisfactions in technology, and takes its orders from technology”.

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