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✱ Stanley Keleman

operative mythological image

Images to which the individual resonates are generated from inside and are found outside. Out of an experience, one may create an image that becomes a governor for action, that moves into action.

In a traditional society, all the images to which you are supposed to respond are given you. And they may not constitute operative images, they are just there, and you’re are not experiencing them. The image that is provided asks for a life-generating response on the part of the person, a very important feature in education. Traditionally it served as a kind of magnet to draw energy and so to provide a suggestive life-building structure.

The old cultures deeply believed in myths and visions, in telling stories about how to experience, how to use our bodies. Today, what society provides is a scarce set of neither fine nor noble pedagogical dogmas.

And when you don’t have mature humans teaching, you don’t have very effective imitative or growth-stimulating models. One of the intentions of a mythological system is to present evocative images that touch and resonate deep in our impulse system and move us into action.

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