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  1. departure from home, … not with a polite request, but suddenly and decisively
  2. a ceremony of death, ranging from being buried in the earth, to immersion, to an effacement of one’s known referents
  3. a ceremony of rebirth because an emergent being, a differentiated psychology, was dawning
  4. they were given the teachings, in three categories:
    • the archetypal stories of the creation, of the gods, of the tribal history;
    • the general roles and polity of adulthood in that culture;
    • the specific tools of hunting, fishing, child-bearing, and agriculture unique to that tribe.
  5. an ordeal of some kind, often involving isolation … one learn to cope with fear and find internal resources
  6. after prolonged separation, there was the return to the community as a separated adult
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  1. beeing a grown-up in a contemporary culture

    contemporary culture … been grown-ups through responsibly exercising parental, fiduciary, relational, and societal roles … we play all these mature