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5 notes tagged "aging"

  1. can the world be improved  
    The awkward interface where the metaphysical intersects, interacts, and intermingles with the material, where the subtle meets the obvious, and
    ocean buddhist aging
  2. senex mirorless camera  
    I made a bunch of pictures with Stu by a private pool this morning. I liked many of them, although it appears as a cheap erotica to me, and not that
    Japan island aging photography diaries
  3. reclaiming land from the sea  
    The true work of man in the latter part of his life is the cultural process of bringing up some of the contents of the unconscious and integrating
    ocean fourfold aging
  4. materialism - not a solution for the unlived youthfulness  
    The American ideal of perpetual youthfulness dies very hard in us. We are so materialistic and so enamored of the power of will that we refuse to
    reality aging materialism
  5. linger, thou art fair  
    In Christopher Marlowe’s play “The Tragedy of Dr. Faustus” (late sixteenth century) Faust was to pay for twenty-four years of restored youth by

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