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6 notes tagged "archetypes"

  1. collective obsession with growth  
    Curious and perhaps not very subtle correlation between Hillman's words on our obsession with psychological growth and the GDP of economics.
    growth archetypes society collective economics
  2. sixty four permutations of eight  
    sixty four hexagrams represent the permutations of eight trigrams, each of which has specific associations: heaven, earth, fire, water, thunder,
    taoist archetypes
  3. child archetype worship  
    the therapy thing—you go back to your childhood. But if you’re looking backward, you’re not looking around. This trip backward constellates what
    therapeutic archetypes
  4. archetypal fantasy of ego development  
    when we conceive our life story as a Battle for Deliverance from the Great Mother – as Jung called it – we are engaged in heroics; these heroics
    archetypes fantasies
  5. archetypal gods and literary reflection  
    how different gods can be linked with genres … gravity with Saturn, speed with Mercury, beauty with Venus, vehemence with Mars … the god of
  6. old wise man who uses diagrams numbers and crystals  
    In a short paper of my own (“On Senex Consciousness” 1970 reprinted in Senex & Puer) I also tried to show that a certain style of presenting
    saturn archetypes

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