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  1. four directions independent and opposed aspects  
    four causes of Aristotle: formal, efficient, material, and final “aspect” implies a direction from which something is viewed. to decide which
    fourfold astrology
  2. astrological triplicities  
    Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed a starter, a producer, a finisher … 12 zodiac signs are subdivided into 3 qualities (also called modalities and
    astrology triplicity
  3. half a year on saturn  
    My son Felix was born 15 years ago today. I woke up thinking about how long a period of time “Quince años” was. It was undoubtedly lengthy for him,
    astrology imagination diaries
  4. levavot  
    I was given the name “Gleb” at birth, this is my legal first name today. The old and fairly rare East Slavic name “Гълѣбъ” of Nordic origin, where
    astrology individuality hebrew mononym diaries

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