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  1. work  
    By shifting our perspective on history and embracing the present, we can unlock our true potential and break free from self-imposed limitations. Discover the transformative conversations with the Catalyst, a psychological coaching that helps individuals overcome fear and resistance, embrace their unique perspectives, and create better futures for themselves and others.
    coaching fiction individuality culture change
  2. life is a series of attachment and losses  
    the nature of our psyche is based on change, growth, curiosity, and imagination. But there are very conservative elements within us that retain a
    change persistence resistance
  3. freedom to choose recoils in anxiety of change  
    never in human history have individuals been freer to choose their life path, their values, and to serve what is true for them. what is most
    individuality change culture diversity
  4. work on one person myself  
    I work on the one person I can work on, myself, to try to render myself more amenable to creative living in the presence of change, ambiguity, and
    creative courage change
  5. authoritarian regimes engineer desires  
    Authoritarian regimes can only stay in existence so long as they can control what people want. We normally think of these regimes as controlling
    authority change
  6. change predictable human quality  
    The only thing that one really knows about human nature is that it changes, change is the one quality we can predicate of it. The systems that fail
  7. change conformity, disobedience, and novelty  
    original virtue through disobedience art as mode of individualism to create for the artistic joy public beauty and novelty change predictable human
    change disobedience artist conformity
  8. action and notions of inquiry  
    Peirce viewed inquiry (logic) as any process which resulted in change from a state of doubt (a disturbance of the harmony of one’s actions, an
    learning experiential change
  9. what to si  
    “C” is not an “a”, and it is not a “b” — this is to suggest that C is consequently flowing and not merely a choice. They don’t have to watch the
    introspective change courage choice poetry

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