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  1. eighteen thousand photos and videos rescue  
    Today I learned how to recover 100 GB of old pictures from “google captivity” with just five lines of text commands in the Terminal. I used Google
    code resolve photography diaries
  2. moving Grammarly documents to markdown folder  
    I’ve used Grammarly for the last decade. I was happy how quickly they improved the grammar and punctuation checks. The synonym suggestion worked
    technology code writing language diaries
  3. Hey, Haley  
    An "SMS poem" explores sexting and romance in the age of dating apps. Deprived of voice and touch, two people attempt to bridge their differences and fuel attraction, all while playing with their "phone-screen personas." Composed with laughter, CSS, and HTML code, I aimed to create visually appealing speech bubbles that represent dialogue. These bubbles often include a tail or pointer extending from the bottom center, indicating the speaker or the direction of the speech. This visual element helps to connect the speech bubble to a specific character or speaker in illustrations or comics.
    poetry code

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