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6 notes tagged "collective"

  1. collective obsession with growth  
    Curious and perhaps not very subtle correlation between Hillman's words on our obsession with psychological growth and the GDP of economics.
    growth archetypes society collective economics
  2. admire the lives of others  
    if we but knew what drove, hounded, and compelled those whom we admire, we might truly not want to live their lives after all. few of us realize
    relationship collective
  3. individual impulses felt as compulsion traverses collective  
    We could say that something courses through the collective and is picked up and expressed in different mediums by different individuals, and that
    therapeutic collective outformation artist compulsion
  4. extending individual therapy to collective  
    We’re not attacking therapy so much as trying to extend it, reveal its blind spots … it’s not the idea of doing therapy that is wrong; there are
    phenomena therapeutic discovery collective
  5. letter two hundred years of psychotherapy  
    puritanism, with all its subtle and not-so-subtle warpings of the culture, and the monotheism in thought, rather than religion, that has infected
    therapeutic culture collective
  6. scapegoats challenge collective psyche  
    The scapegoat, often individual who are believed to defy the group’s norms or taboos, bears a noticeable trait of an outsider — an attribute that
    collective society

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