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4 notes tagged "compulsion"

  1. maturity vs means of obtaining approval  
    for some people, their good looks — for others, absolute unselfishness, absolute virility, superman ideas, absolute goodness, and all kinds of
    compulsion distraction
  2. anxiety of motivation for action  
    the urge to enact them is greater than the urge not to, we enact them compulsively under an emotional pressure … in compulsive behaviour, we are
  3. enacting behaviour of others  
    subjective and relative notion … trained observer can tell whether a given action is spontaneous or compulsive what is important to one person is of
    spontaneity compulsion mimetic
  4. individual impulses felt as compulsion traverses collective  
    We could say that something courses through the collective and is picked up and expressed in different mediums by different individuals, and that
    therapeutic collective outformation artist compulsion

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