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  1. shasta  
    at Burning Man play Ms. Ibex sports round goggles on furry pate through the brass an ibex peeks all other festival’s fantastical freaks
    album diaries poetry
  2. eighteen thousand photos and videos rescue  
    Today I learned how to recover 100 GB of old pictures from “google captivity” with just five lines of text commands in the Terminal. I used Google
    code resolve photography diaries
  3. unformed adult zelig  
    The hero of Woody Allen's mockumentary film, Zelig (1983), is an unformed adult who has no sense of himself. He borrows other people's identity, thinking he can be anybody. Actually, he is without a body.
    film mimetic drawing diaries
  4. handwritten or typewritten journaling  
    I might say that handwritten journals excel at rereading. Holding an object that is an evidence of time, an example of craft, and a symbol of
    journaling creative somatic diaries
  5. senex mirorless camera  
    I made a bunch of pictures with Stu by a private pool this morning. I liked many of them, although it appears as a cheap erotica to me, and not that
    Japan island aging photography diaries
  6. moving Grammarly documents to markdown folder  
    I’ve used Grammarly for the last decade. I was happy how quickly they improved the grammar and punctuation checks. The synonym suggestion worked
    technology code writing language diaries
  7. my fixing design for the upper back  
    Experiencing pain and a hindered mobility in my neck and upper back, with palpable thoracic vertebra dislocation, I take steps to adjust my diet, use a cold plunge, sauna, and deep tissue massage, and focus my practice on supporting rhomboid muscle, ankle and hip flexibility, and psoas conditioning.
    umami practice video diaries
  8. chained by wheels dream  
    Walking back to the parking lot, I find my car chained to the ground with many small locks hanging off the chain and across the front wheels. I try to drive off forcefully, to break the chain, but it doesn't work out. The restaurant bouncer pops-up. He is tall and strong, I'm not sure if I interacted with him before, but I know why he is coming for.
    dream diaries
  9. ok levlc  
    This page is a writing pad, something I'm currently working on. It is a draft, and it should look undone and unfinished. Reading this page is a great way to jump into a conversation with me right now, that's why I keep this link in my email signature. Any thoughts?
  10. half a year on saturn  
    My son Felix was born 15 years ago today. I woke up thinking about how long a period of time “Quince años” was. It was undoubtedly lengthy for him,
    astrology imagination diaries
  11. levavot  
    I was given the name “Gleb” at birth, this is my legal first name today. The old and fairly rare East Slavic name “Гълѣбъ” of Nordic origin, where
    astrology individuality hebrew mononym diaries
  12. love-hate relationship with alcohol  
    Only when I'm sober before going to bed, do I produce a restful night sleep with most breath-taking and mystical dreams, that has no apparent correlation to my earthy problems, that outflow into the daybreak and help me feel uplifted, inspired, and grounded when I wake, help me to create.
    dream addiction diaries
  13. sgv wisdom of no escape  
    What is something physical that you are working on in your practice (skill, awareness to generate, a thing to heal). What are the limiting factors in the present moment (specific, anatomical, connected). What are the tools that can help with these factors. Inner goal. What is the energy you are trying to create or a negative pattern you are working on to transcend. Alchemy. What is the good quality you already have that will help you with that other thing and the tool you learned (during the training) that will help you. Three most important things to grow as a teacher.
    practice diaries
  14. working through gross, unpleasant and awkward  
    Working hard doesn't just mean pushing stronger, staying longer or squeezing better. It means going more in-depth with my attention, with my intentions. Walking through gross, unpleasant, awkward, fearful, through things outside of my comfort zone to the "other side."
    practice diaries
  15. five mile hike up the North Tip Oahu  
    After a 5 mi hike up the rocks in the North tip followed by watching massive waves in the Pipeline at sunset, I’m warming up towards the Island. I
  16. dibs on a bottle of wine  
    I’ve been thinking here for a minute about how I could start the “new journal” in a more uncomfortable way. Sharing something dishonourable seems
    vulnerability addiction island diaries
  17. drunkard’s search  
    A policeman sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight and asks what the drunk has lost. He says he lost his keys and they both look under the streetlight together. After a few minutes the policeman asks if he is sure he lost them here, and the drunk replies, no, and that he lost them in the park. The policeman asks why he is searching here, and the drunk replies, "this is where the light is".
    diaries hindu confirmation
  18. raven and seagull  
    strongest wind gusts a seagull hangs in the air over the sea effortlessly, he appears dead makes no other moves, he glides like a kite raven shows
    poetry diaries
  19. reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson  
    “This was not something to think about,” he later said. “This was something to do: to close your eyes, hold your breath, jump in, and come out the
    technology biographical diaries

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