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  1. heron  
    In this letter, I explore the metaphor of a heron overcoming self-doubt and resistance to take flight and follow its dreams. Though facing storms and setbacks, the Heron battles an inner voice of doubt, represented by a croaking frog, which it ultimately silences by devouring. It relates this to doing meaningful creative work by outlining principles from Steven Pressfield's 'The War of Art' and “Do the Work.” We must engage with resistance and persist despite difficulty to ship creative and entrepreneurial work. This letter also relates the Heron's journey to Le Guin's 'The Eye of the Heron'. Just as the Heron achieves flight through courage and determination, we realize our potential by battling resistance and completing our work.
    coaching resistance distraction journey
  2. perverse twins fear and lethargy  
    managing fear through unreflective compliance, or avoidance; lethargy takes many seductive forms … avoid tasks, stay away from what is difficult for
    courage distraction
  3. maturity vs means of obtaining approval  
    for some people, their good looks — for others, absolute unselfishness, absolute virility, superman ideas, absolute goodness, and all kinds of
    compulsion distraction
  4. monastic philosophy pursuing professional goal  
    the monastic philosophy of deep work scheduling. This philosophy attempts to maximize deep efforts by eliminating or radically minimizing shallow
    distraction deepwork
  5. developing deep work habit  
    “one of the main obstacles to going deep: the urge to turn your attention toward something more superficial. Most people recognize that this urge
    distraction deepwork will
  6. fear of being without a phone  
    Nomophobia — the fear of being without a smart phone — is a recognisable psychological affliction. In his book from 1930, Civilization and its
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