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6 notes tagged "embodiment"

  1. becoming aware of your living process  
    embodiment involves coming into contact with here-and-now experience, loosening the grip of thinking and becoming aware of one’s living process. A
    embodiment intuition
  2. experience link sense of physical presence  
    embodiment - a state in which every aspect of experience maintains some link with one’s sense of physical presence, or “lived body,” it is not
  3. body epiphany the somatic insight  
    a particular experience, the “body epiphany,” (less dramatically, the “Somatic Insight,” an initial discovery of the body/mind unity, a discovery
    somatic embodiment
  4. embodied state implies the embodied learner  
    The embodied state implies the “embodied learner,” who, once aroused, is the Real thing: a human being in touch with essential, core responses. The
  5. the lived body is the key to intuitive knowledge  
    students can be shown techniques, but ultimately they must devise their own: the lived body is the key to intuitive knowledge … students must find
    embodiment intuition
  6. once born and twice born  
    The Parsifal myth teaches us that experience stimulates deep bodily truths … that urge us to form a personal self. When you know this, you begin a
    myth embodiment

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