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6 notes tagged "fantasies"

  1. brain’s press secretary interpreter module  
    All human brains contain an interpreter module whose job is to make sense of experiences by constructing explanations in the form of stories
    introspective stories fantasies mimetic
  2. fantasy of growth in therapy  
    the fantasy of growth that you find in therapy, and also in New Age thought, doesn’t include this awkwardness … when we look at people going through
    therapeutic growth fantasies
  3. archetypal fantasy of ego development  
    when we conceive our life story as a Battle for Deliverance from the Great Mother – as Jung called it – we are engaged in heroics; these heroics
    archetypes fantasies
  4. therapeutic fiction genre  
    fictions are mental constructs, fantasies by means of which we fashion or “fiction” (fingere) a life or a person into a case history Portnoy’s
    fantasies fiction therapeutic stylistics
  5. factual history claims literal truth  
    … factual history, a true account or knowledge about the “succession of events through which anything passes … a lie when it claims literal truth.
  6. continually internalizing and externalizing process  
    affirm psychic reality in another way – not by copying the literalistic metaphors, the fantasies of fixity and hardness, that we use for outer
    fantasies hindu reality

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