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6 notes tagged "fourfold"

  1. the four quarters  
    combining the four signs Unification of mind; joining feeling and essence, real knowledge and conscious knowledge. Also sometimes defined as
    taoist fourfold individuality time
  2. four directions independent and opposed aspects  
    four causes of Aristotle: formal, efficient, material, and final “aspect” implies a direction from which something is viewed. to decide which
    fourfold astrology
  3. four kinds of relationship between knower and known  
    the uncertainty principle: to know something about an object, an observer must act upon, and thus disturb it … act of knowing is thus a transaction
    fourfold reality knowledge
  4. principles  
    tenet, raison d'être, ikigai — the truths, beliefs, and principles have to be plural and are refined by every hard choice I make
    resistance fourfold practice choice autotelic
  5. reclaiming land from the sea  
    The true work of man in the latter part of his life is the cultural process of bringing up some of the contents of the unconscious and integrating
    ocean fourfold aging
  6. four-stage creative process model  
    traditional four-stage model is far too simplistic: The Art of Thought, British social psychologist Graham Wallas, proposed that the creative
    creative fourfold

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