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11 notes tagged "imagination"

  1. active imagination  
    one fleshes out the meaning through asking questions, attempting interpretations, paying attention to affect, interacting in an analytic
  2. tenacity of provisional definitions of ourselves  
    we have been defined by our history, our attachments, our provisional definitions of ourselves and others, and we cling to our history with tenacity
  3. observing world through alternative lens  
    in any moment, we view the world through a distorting lens and make choices based on what the lens allows us to see, not what lies outside its frame
    imagination reality
  4. letter one hundred years of psychotherapy  
    therapy, your basic kind—inward-searching, longterm, insight therapy—and its goal of individuation one hundred years of solitude—knowledge about the
    therapeutic solitude imagination
  5. individualism realisation receptivity and imagination  
    art as mode of individualism true artist and amusing craftsman to create for the artistic joy receptivity and imaginative medium be thyself and the
    artist individuality imagination outline
  6. receptivity and imaginative medium  
    real artistic value may not be evident to the spectator at first … now the delightful emotions of wonder, curiosity, and suspense … to forget the
    artist imagination
  7. attitude which interiorizes inner events  
    way we imagine our lives is the way we are going to go on living our lives … we tell ourselves about what is going on is the genre through which
    imagination fiction reality
  8. this is why artists are modest  
    “This is why artists are modest. They know they’re not doing the work; they’re just taking dictation. It’s also why”noncreative people” hate
    artist imagination autotelic
  9. half a year on saturn  
    My son Felix was born 15 years ago today. I woke up thinking about how long a period of time “Quince años” was. It was undoubtedly lengthy for him,
    astrology imagination diaries
  10. toggling between imaginative and rational  
    fiction-writing process (research conducted on a group of novelists) as a “voyage of discovery” that begins with a seed incident—an event or
    creative imagination experiential
  11. creative dance of contradictions  
    “a creature of many contradictions and a protean shapeshifter if there ever was one—said that he often reflected upon the many “selves” that he had
    creative autotelic imagination

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