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  1. beyond introspection  
    The process, not the destination, is key to self-directed learning and growth. Intrinsic motivation, spontaneity, and creativity are nurtured through self-expression and art. Intuition, a powerful tool, emerges when the mind is trained to be open to spontaneous insights. It's a process of unlearning and expanding one's mental lexicon, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of oneself and life's meaning. Autotelic experiences can be enhanced by embracing self-involvement and interacting with the world.
    autotelic learning spontaneity intuition coaching
  2. becoming aware of your living process  
    embodiment involves coming into contact with here-and-now experience, loosening the grip of thinking and becoming aware of one’s living process. A
    embodiment intuition
  3. the lived body is the key to intuitive knowledge  
    students can be shown techniques, but ultimately they must devise their own: the lived body is the key to intuitive knowledge … students must find
    embodiment intuition
  4. judge creativity by its commercial potential  
    ask yourself what creative activities you might enjoy .. don’t worry about the product yet or where it will go Your intuition provides directions,
    intuition money

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