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  1. what is introspection?  
    Embracing spontaneity and inner genius, we can reshape notions and know ourselves intimately. This self-knowledge lets us create our lives rather than follow others' expectations. Introspection through mindful inquiry illuminates our inner world. It helps us examine our beliefs, find our voice, and integrate our notions with outer reality. We can understand our roles and personalities, and the difference between our self-perception and others' views.
    coaching introspective journaling world spontaneity
  2. what are us?  
    In today's society, objective facts eclipse our subjective inner wisdom and somatic knowledge. We conform to external norms rather than self-determining our values. Knowledge is pursued compulsively without changing the methods of inquiry. To grow, we must release rigid plans and preconceptions. By embracing spontaneity and our inner genius, we can reshape notions and know ourselves intimately. This self-knowledge allows us to create our lives rather than follow others' expectations.
    society coaching cartesian introspective journaling
  3. why coach introspection?  
    Introspection, while potentially yielding valuable self-knowledge, may also lead to self-obsession and chronic rumination. Our culture often emphasizes objectivity and causality, hindering a more open, phenomenological inquiry into ourselves. Shifting toward a "resolving" approach and embracing paradoxical ideas can offer a more constructive path to self-understanding.
    coaching introspective journaling cartesian society
  4. altering or repurposing a book  
    palimpsest (a manuscript or piece of writing where the original writing has been effaced to make room for later writing but where traces of the
    journaling procedure outformation
  5. handwritten or typewritten journaling  
    I might say that handwritten journals excel at rereading. Holding an object that is an evidence of time, an example of craft, and a symbol of
    journaling creative somatic diaries
  6. journey  
    overly personal autobio piece of six thousand words and no picture, this introspective project took years to complete, yet like a mythical journey, it's unfinished
    journaling journey introspective restorying
  7. journal dialogue technique  
    used by many experienced journalers Although Dr. Progoff is generally credited with developing journal Dialogues (Intensive Journal Workshop devotes
    journaling introspective
  8. rewriting undigested remnants  
    going backwards – regression belongs to the digestive mode … a good deal of remembering, its pain, its shame, is recapitulation, revising the
    journaling journey

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