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  1. heron  
    In this letter, I explore the metaphor of a heron overcoming self-doubt and resistance to take flight and follow its dreams. Though facing storms and setbacks, the Heron battles an inner voice of doubt, represented by a croaking frog, which it ultimately silences by devouring. It relates this to doing meaningful creative work by outlining principles from Steven Pressfield's 'The War of Art' and “Do the Work.” We must engage with resistance and persist despite difficulty to ship creative and entrepreneurial work. This letter also relates the Heron's journey to Le Guin's 'The Eye of the Heron'. Just as the Heron achieves flight through courage and determination, we realize our potential by battling resistance and completing our work.
    coaching resistance distraction journey
  2. to show up in the best way we can  
    shift from dependent psychology to psychospiritual independence perverse twins fear and lethargy That is all that life really asks of us, to show up
    journey courage stoic
  3. developmental task of the swampland states  
    we are challenged to grow up, to take on the journey … such enlargement is often terrifying, it is also freeing and brings dignity and meaning to
    journey courage therapeutic
  4. hero quest unifying pattern  
    one of the two great unifying mythic patterns (the other being the Eternal Return, the death-rebirth cycle), is the mythologem of the hero quest,
    journey myth heroic
  5. experts of fear and confusion  
    The world is full of people who will tell you who you are, what you are, and what you are to do and not to do, they wander amid their unaddressed
    experts journey accountability
  6. transferring journey to companionship  
    loneliness that serves both the achievement of personhood and the quality of any relationship … the more one can embrace one’s separateness, the
    journey solitude individuality
  7. adapting servants of environment  
    we long to make sense of things, figure out who we are, wither bound, and to what end, while the eons roll on in their mindless ways. It falls then
    journey accountability
  8. journey  
    overly personal autobio piece of six thousand words and no picture, this introspective project took years to complete, yet like a mythical journey, it's unfinished
    journaling journey introspective restorying
  9. rewriting undigested remnants  
    going backwards – regression belongs to the digestive mode … a good deal of remembering, its pain, its shame, is recapitulation, revising the
    journaling journey
  10. how to undertake artist’s journey  
    How to Undertake the Artist’s Journey, Steven Pressfield We are all artists—whether we realize it or not, whether we like it or not—and we are all
    journey artist
  11. going to the place of the Mothers  
    Any man embarking on this symbolic quest must understand that he will be swept into one enthusiasm after another. Such enthusiasms soon wane and are
    womanly manly mother journey enthusiasm
  12. Human Nutrition and Body Composition  
    In 2010, I became a nutrition geek and went through a total body transformation. I used to be on a heavy side my entire youth. Like many, I used to

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