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5 notes tagged "meaning"

  1. space between stories  
    Hope is a word that can either mean a wishful thinking or a premonition of a possibility. The next generation will have a better life, just not in
    society stories meaning future
  2. pervasive tendency to rationalize  
    While we may not be entirely or irredeemably self-deceived, we are often rewarded for acting on selfish impulses yet less so for acknowledging them,
    rational meaning stories mimetic
  3. story that gives a powerful reason to live  
    We humans live by our shared framing stories and have a deep need for a sense of purpose and meaning. If we do not share an authentic sacred story,
    stories meaning society future
  4. suffering disconnect from meaning  
    we are the animal that suffers disconnect from meaning … our system produces a complex series of interactions — feeling responses, dreams ranging
    meaning choice
  5. ideology maturity conflicting desires  
    ideology is the idea that everything is either good or bad … it’s a sign of maturity to be able to hold on to two conflicting desires or two
    mimetic meaning

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