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14 notes tagged "mimetic"

  1. pervasive tendency to rationalize  
    While we may not be entirely or irredeemably self-deceived, we are often rewarded for acting on selfish impulses yet less so for acknowledging them,
    rational meaning stories mimetic
  2. brain’s press secretary interpreter module  
    All human brains contain an interpreter module whose job is to make sense of experiences by constructing explanations in the form of stories
    introspective stories fantasies mimetic
  3. training cats  
    'Operation Y': 3 offenders plot a heist. Heroism seen through emulation, brute force, control. Elsewhere, leaders choose 'guardian-architect' or humble 'scholar-gardener'. Surrendering to healing fiction I aim to design a better human experience embracing human empathy and creativity.
    triplicity mimetic film artist
  4. unformed adult zelig  
    The hero of Woody Allen's mockumentary film, Zelig (1983), is an unformed adult who has no sense of himself. He borrows other people's identity, thinking he can be anybody. Actually, he is without a body.
    film mimetic drawing diaries
  5. say my name  
    Will the real Mr. White, please stand up.
    individuality mimetic
  6. enacting behaviour of others  
    subjective and relative notion … trained observer can tell whether a given action is spontaneous or compulsive what is important to one person is of
    spontaneity compulsion mimetic
  7. journalism supplies insatiable curiosity  
    The public discovered that the pen is mightier than the paving-stone, and can be made as offensive as the brickbat. They at once sought for the
    experts mimetic
  8. cult of experts  
    The Cult of Experts. “The people more competent than we are in innumerable fields of endeavor,” (Girard), with their “Follow These Five Steps”
    experts learning mimetic
  9. scientism mimetic game  
    Scientism fools people because it is a mimetic game dressed up as science. The key is carefully curating our sources of knowledge so that we are
    mimetic cartesian
  10. mimetic desire  
    René Girard, theologian discovered that most of what we desire is mimetic (mi-met-ik) or imitative, not intrinsic. Humans learn—through imitation—to
  11. ideology maturity conflicting desires  
    ideology is the idea that everything is either good or bad … it’s a sign of maturity to be able to hold on to two conflicting desires or two
    mimetic meaning
  12. all hipsters look alike  
    for a hipster, the rival is popular culture—he eschews anything popular and embraces what he believes to be eclectic, but he does so according to
    culture mimetic
  13. mimesis  
    a term used in literary criticism and philosophy: imitation, nonsensuous similarity, receptivity, representation, mimicry, the act of
    reality mimetic
  14. the etiology of the existential vacuum  
    in contrast to an animal, no drives and instincts tell man what he must do .. unlike man in former times, he is no longer told what he should do by
    conformity totalitarian existentialism mimetic dichotomy

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