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5 notes tagged "opposition"

  1. tempering of one by the other  
    … the only redemption for either of a pair of opposites is the tempering of one by the other. Faust is redeemed by the love of Gretchen;
    opposition shadow archetypes illusion manly
  2. Senex and puer in Hillman  
    Senex is a style of life and thought characterized by a sense of time and history, a concern for order, a love of tradition, and a tendency toward
    aging archetypes imagination opposition
  3. complex man in hamlet  
    Shakespeare defined complex man with unerring accuracy in Hamlet. a stage higher on the evolutionary scale represented by H., the worried, anxious,
    seriousman suffering existential opposition triplicity fourfold
  4. two-dimensional man don quixote  
    Don Quixote (Cervantes) a man so enamored of the simple ways of two-dimensional man — medieval man — that he took on the finery of knighthood and
    medieval opposition reality simpleman
  5. the faustian transformation  
    Faust and Mephistopheles, a pair as opposite as black and white. The tension between them alerts us to the most important lesson in Faust: that all
    opposition shadow

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