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4 notes tagged "phenomena"

  1. heidegger husserl hermeneutic phenomenology  
    reformulated Edmund Husserl’s approach summarized as “to the things themselves!” as “to let that which
    hermeneutical phenomena
  2. extending individual therapy to collective  
    We’re not attacking therapy so much as trying to extend it, reveal its blind spots … it’s not the idea of doing therapy that is wrong; there are
    phenomena therapeutic discovery collective
  3. body mind experience and descartes  
    phenomenology of the body refutes Descartes' dualism on the basis of the body/mind experience Descartes was attempting to organize. He has also
    phenomena cartesian
  4. jung cliff notes twenty nineteen  
    Jungian psychoanalysis: we are all fragmented and divided, and knowingly or not, we’re all searching for our souls acquired mind; Taoist, culture
    therapeutic individuality development manly womanly phenomena

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