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9 notes tagged "philosophical"

  1. eliminativist approach to introspection  
    Explaining our introspective abilities through faculties that are already present in human cognitive systems, irrespective of any particular
    introspective empiricism philosophical reductionist
  2. we have never been liberal  
    Trump: the injection of racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic language into legitimate discourse threatens to undo strides made toward social
    authority philosophical myth
  3. mind-body dualism  
    Mind–body dualism is closely associated with the thought of René Descartes (1641) (Substance dualism, or Cartesian dualism): the mind is a
    philosophical cartesian dichotomy
  4. therapy mistakes knowing precedes doing  
    emotions are mainly social, they connect to the world … therapy introverts the emotions calls fear “anxiety” …, and you work on it inside yourself.
    cartesian therapeutic philosophical
  5. western zen watts suzuki  
    The Anglican priest, Alan Watts, wrote books which translated the Zen viewpoint into Western terms, while D. T. Suzuki, a Japanese philosopher, was
    Japan philosophical
  6. mimesis  
    a term used in literary criticism and philosophy: imitation, nonsensuous similarity, receptivity, representation, mimicry, the act of
    reality mimetic philosophical
  7. philosophical fiction  
    existential: Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky objectivism: Ayn Rand, Albert Camus, Friedrich Nietzsche, Robert Pirsig's
    fiction philosophical existential objectivism subject
  8. categories and taxonomy  
    linear structure who, what, and where set of categories from the literary philosopher Jorge Luis Borges example of poetic categories—taxonomy of the
    poetry philosophical knowledge
  9. amor fati  
    The word “weird” is related to the German word “Werden” - becoming. Your weird, your fate, comes right out of yourself. … Nietzsche has this
    philosophical german

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