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  1. shasta  
    at Burning Man play Ms. Ibex sports round goggles on furry pate through the brass an ibex peeks all other festival’s fantastical freaks
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  2. discredited witnesses  
    My problem is, I love the tea, so I’m drinking too much coffee, I used to oppose that adversely with alcohol boosting nocturnal arc with a goblet
  3. room and the master  
    my humility token misplaced I charge the lunar eclipse, the truth is I keep preserving humbleness for the whatever big, prudence that feels cheap
    poetry practice lunar
  4. raised expectations  
    I allow myself some raised expectations, chocolate chip cookies for the pride, I shouldn’t. Dancing late at night alone anticipating, joyful
  5. what to si  
    “C” is not an “a”, and it is not a “b” — this is to suggest that C is consequently flowing and not merely a choice. They don’t have to watch the
    introspective change courage choice poetry
  6. practicing man  
    Resistance to act initially protects one's uniqueness. Vulnerability is redefined as a strength in the artistic process, enabling communication and trust with inner signals. Mastery emerges through daily practice, as the artist climbs inner mountains, embracing self-discovery, and cultivating meaning. It's about giving oneself permission, embracing vulnerability, and finding belonging in the process of selfless service
    poetry resistance vulnerability creative artist
  7. spiritual tourism  
    Intrinsic motivation and spontaneity thrive through self-expression and creativity, akin to art. The pursuit of answers to the wrong questions can lead to existential anguish. Escaping the confines of normalcy, one explores spirituality but may get lost in literalism. To connect with the inner creative, language must be learned, grounding spirituality in everyday life, embracing the sacred in the ordinary, aiming for self-realization.
    poetry spirituality learning creative belonging
  8. materialistic pathology  
    self-expression as an answer to materialistic pathology ... shamed out of being artistic, I reason that this privilege is given to a chosen few, with an inborn talent, usually recognized long after they die ... inspiration meeting cultivation with an innate desire to lessen pain and produce more joy
    poetry spirituality artist materialism resistance
  9. Hey, Haley  
    An "SMS poem" explores sexting and romance in the age of dating apps. Deprived of voice and touch, two people attempt to bridge their differences and fuel attraction, all while playing with their "phone-screen personas." Composed with laughter, CSS, and HTML code, I aimed to create visually appealing speech bubbles that represent dialogue. These bubbles often include a tail or pointer extending from the bottom center, indicating the speaker or the direction of the speech. This visual element helps to connect the speech bubble to a specific character or speaker in illustrations or comics.
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  10. defence of poetry  
    “A Defence of poetry” is an essay by the English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, written in 1821 and first published posthumously in 1840 in Essays,
  11. raven and seagull  
    strongest wind gusts a seagull hangs in the air over the sea effortlessly, he appears dead makes no other moves, he glides like a kite raven shows
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