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4 notes tagged "relationship"

  1. admire the lives of others  
    if we but knew what drove, hounded, and compelled those whom we admire, we might truly not want to live their lives after all. few of us realize
    relationship collective
  2. projection and transference two dynamics of relationships  
    a projection is a mechanism whereby our psychological contents leave us … seeking an object — a person, an institution, a role — upon which to
  3. patterns of cultural influences and personal biographies  
    where we find patterns, we also will likely find core, emotion-laden ideas within us … internalized messages from daily life (from popular media,
    culture relationship
  4. asking of the other what we are not addressing ourselves  
    projection and transference two dynamics of relationships our existential proclivities to fear and lethargy, and both nemeses win more battles than
    heroic relationship

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