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10 notes tagged "sexual"

  1. sex like when we were young  
    people no longer young (that’s most adults) often want a sex life that matches the one they had — or wanted to have, or believe they should have had
    sexual intelligence aging
  2. perceived rejection in sex  
    … the sequence of events some patients take for granted: “You wanted to make love with him … create closeness and pleasure for both of you … And
    sexual intelligence
  3. genetalia’s hydraulic capacity  
    for most women who want to climax, the vulva, not the vagina, is their best bet. people make too much fuss about the genitalia for two reasons: the
    sexual intelligence emotions sensory
  4. non-sexual needs addressed with sex  
    most of us have emotional needs that we try to address with sex (besides pleasure and closeness), but sex is not the best way to satisfy them … a
    sexual intelligence anxiety manly womanly
  5. brain spinal column pelvic nerves information transfer  
    We get erect or wet as the result of an impressive chain of events: brain perceives a sexual message brain sends a message down the spinal column
    sexual intelligence emotions
  6. giving sex meaning  
    people say that the meaning of, foundation of, or distinctive feature of human sexuality is (meanings that various people and institutions claim sex
    sexual intelligence meaning relationship
  7. people don’t talk about what they want from sex  
    —either because they don’t have the vocabulary or because they’re embarrassed, hesitant, or scared to use words. If people did talk about what they
    sexual intelligence
  8. clitoris the only organ for pleasure  
    the clitoris — the only organ in the human body with absolutely no purpose other than pleasure … most women only climax when this little pearl is
    sexual intelligence
  9. attunement sense of common experience  
    “attunement” is the experience of two (or more) people inhabiting a common psychological space at the same time. People refer to this variously as
    experiential sexual intelligence
  10. changeless parts of psyche and pseudoskins  
    shedding pseudoskins, crusted stuff that you’ve accumulated, dead wood, things that don’t work anymore, things that don’t keep you alive. Sets of
    sexual fixed

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