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  1. space between stories  
    Hope is a word that can either mean a wishful thinking or a premonition of a possibility. The next generation will have a better life, just not in
    society stories meaning future
  2. making for the sake of making  
    Excessive technocentrism is the problem whereby entrepreneurs primarily pursue technology driven by a desire to make an impressive innovation and
    technology environment society sustainable culture
  3. collective obsession with growth  
    Curious and perhaps not very subtle correlation between Hillman's words on our obsession with psychological growth and the GDP of economics.
    growth archetypes society collective economics
  4. flawed story of economic development  
    the reigning story—that economic development brings forth a world of universal prosperity—is deeply flawed Economies were growing financially at the
    financial society
  5. story that gives a powerful reason to live  
    We humans live by our shared framing stories and have a deep need for a sense of purpose and meaning. If we do not share an authentic sacred story,
    stories meaning society future
  6. shared culture and getting our story wrong  
    the shared culture of a people serves as a lens that shapes the perceptions and behavior of its members in ways both beneficial and destructive.
    culture stories society
  7. The Fear of Being With a Smartphone  
    Nomophobia — the fear of being without a smartphone — a psychological affliction amplified by the pandemic. Our reliance on smartphones has transformed them from convenient tools to lifelines for maintaining personal good-standing. This transformation has led us to a digital slavery, where our actions and behaviors are influenced by algorithms, marketers, and policy keepers. Freud's analysis of civilization's discontents reminds us of the inherent tension between individual desires and societal obligations. The integration of smartphones into every aspect of our lives has blurred the line between necessity and intrusion, amplifying concerns about the influence of technology on our lives and societies. The act of collecting data on such a massive scale during the pandemic, along with the enforcement of tracking app usage, sets a precedent that could have a cascading effect, further eroding personal autonomy and societal norms. To address these challenges, we must critically examine our social structures and design human-centric technological systems that align with human needs and values. By doing so, we can navigate the risks and forge a path towards a future where innovation serves our best interests.
    society technology
  8. bender  
    As of this moment, I have been in my forties for a straight 15 hours, five of which I spent sleeping. So far, so good! Today, I am launching a new website and starting a newsletter, sending out its first issue called "Bender." Take a look at the latest artwork and subscribe to the emails!
    society individuality spontaneity postdigital reality
  9. what are us?  
    In today's society, objective facts eclipse our subjective inner wisdom and somatic knowledge. We conform to external norms rather than self-determining our values. Knowledge is pursued compulsively without changing the methods of inquiry. To grow, we must release rigid plans and preconceptions. By embracing spontaneity and our inner genius, we can reshape notions and know ourselves intimately. This self-knowledge allows us to create our lives rather than follow others' expectations.
    society coaching cartesian introspective journaling
  10. why coach introspection?  
    Introspection, while potentially yielding valuable self-knowledge, may also lead to self-obsession and chronic rumination. Our culture often emphasizes objectivity and causality, hindering a more open, phenomenological inquiry into ourselves. Shifting toward a "resolving" approach and embracing paradoxical ideas can offer a more constructive path to self-understanding.
    coaching introspective journaling cartesian society
  11. weaknesses at the core of seemingly strong authoritarian states  
    key weaknesses at the core of seemingly strong authoritarian states Russia and China both have argued that liberal democracy is in long-term
    authority society power
  12. the right to dominate  
    The Right to Dominate: How Old Ideas About Sovereignty Pose New Challenges for World Order, 2020, Roland Paris (Canadian political scientist) writes
    authority society
  13. scapegoats challenge collective psyche  
    The scapegoat, often individual who are believed to defy the group’s norms or taboos, bears a noticeable trait of an outsider — an attribute that
    collective society
  14. tech engineers desire  
    engineering desire, is the approach of Silicon Valley, authoritarian governments … happens in labs, with cold, lifeless instruments … use
    authority technology society culture
  15. be thyself and the ideas of Jesus  
    ‘Know thyself’ was written over the portal of the antique world. ‘Be thyself’ — the message of Christ to man—shall be written over the portal of the
    christian individuality society

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