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6 notes tagged "solitude"

  1. longing for wholeness  
    excerpt from a conversation with him in our Summer 1995 issue, “The Stranger.” being a stranger is a beautiful state of being. So it is difficult
  2. the ubiquity of the experience of loneliness  
    life begins with traumatic separation … (and) is spent trying either to recover that lost connection by some form of regressive impulse or to
  3. exigencies of childhood vulnerability  
    the literal dependence of terribly vulnerable child on its relationships is profoundly overlearned, overconditioned … it becomes difficult later to
    solitude childhood courage
  4. transferring journey to companionship  
    loneliness that serves both the achievement of personhood and the quality of any relationship … the more one can embrace one’s separateness, the
    journey solitude individuality
  5. letter one hundred years of psychotherapy  
    therapy, your basic kind—inward-searching, longterm, insight therapy—and its goal of individuation one hundred years of solitude—knowledge about the
    therapeutic solitude imagination
  6. jung house in the woods retreat  
    Carl Jung. In the 1920s, at the same time that Jung was attempting to break away from the strictures of his mentor, Sigmund Freud, he began regular
    deepwork biographical solitude

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