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  1. subdued images of vitality  
    When we live concepts and images that are not grounded in our body, we do not believe in who we are. unformed adult zelig two terms: image and
    somatic myth
  2. handwritten or typewritten journaling  
    I might say that handwritten journals excel at rereading. Holding an object that is an evidence of time, an example of craft, and a symbol of
    journaling creative somatic diaries
  3. somatic movement founders esalen workshops  
    “founders” the teachers and innovators who were teaching at that time, such as Rolf, Lowen, Selver, whitehouse, and Pearls, had their own origins in
  4. visually dominance hearing and touch  
    Many people are visually dominant. Seeing is their main way of knowing, which influences the way they think (sharply separated objects), and how
    senses somatic
  5. attention to the subjective or phenomenological body  
    composed of people who work with the subjective or phenomenological body for various purposes, such as healing, education, and self-discovery …
  6. somatic interest studies and practices  
    “Somatics” or “Somatic Studies” for the field of knowledge thus derived, and “Somatic Practices” for its practical applications. Somatic practices
  7. body epiphany the somatic insight  
    a particular experience, the “body epiphany,” (less dramatically, the “Somatic Insight,” an initial discovery of the body/mind unity, a discovery
    somatic embodiment
  8. third wave humanistic psychology  
    “Third Wave” in psychology. Psychoanalysis (studied neurotic pathology) and Behaviorism (discard personal experience altogether) had held the stage
    therapeutic gestalt somatic
  9. somatics educate what it means to be human  
    The somatic insights seem peculiarly relevant to a new kind of humanities education. Just when the humanities seem almost defunct in academic

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