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  1. space between stories  
    Hope is a word that can either mean a wishful thinking or a premonition of a possibility. The next generation will have a better life, just not in
    society stories meaning future
  2. brain’s press secretary interpreter module  
    All human brains contain an interpreter module whose job is to make sense of experiences by constructing explanations in the form of stories
    introspective stories fantasies mimetic
  3. pervasive tendency to rationalize  
    While we may not be entirely or irredeemably self-deceived, we are often rewarded for acting on selfish impulses yet less so for acknowledging them,
    rational meaning stories mimetic
  4. story that gives a powerful reason to live  
    We humans live by our shared framing stories and have a deep need for a sense of purpose and meaning. If we do not share an authentic sacred story,
    stories meaning society future
  5. sacred money and markets story  
    Every day on every consequential news outlet, similar programs focus our attention on how the financial economy is doing. Any mention of how people
  6. shared culture and getting our story wrong  
    the shared culture of a people serves as a lens that shapes the perceptions and behavior of its members in ways both beneficial and destructive.
    culture stories society
  7. imaging god why and how it matters  
    “Tell me your image of God, and I will tell you your politics” — Marcus Borg explains that the image of God as a distant patriarch translates into a

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