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  1. Byron Katie's "The Work" and turnarounds  
    Byron Katie, in her book "Loving What Is," introduces her process of self-inquiry called "The Work." She shares her personal realization that suffering arises from believing our own stressful thoughts. By engaging in The Work, individuals can identify and question these thoughts using four key questions. Additionally, the practice involves exploring turnarounds, which offer alternative perspectives to the original thought. Through this process, Katie asserts that suffering can be alleviated by recognizing the optional nature of our beliefs and discovering an inner joy that remains constant.
    suffering introspective
  2. russia perfection by pain  
    No one who lived in modern russia perfection by pain could possibly realise his perfection except by pain. A few Russian artists have realised
  3. sympathy with joy is naturally rare  
    When man has realised Individualism, he will also realise sympathy and exercise it freely and spontaneously. All sympathy is fine, but sympathy with
    individuality sympathy suffering

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