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4 notes tagged "symbols"

  1. symbol, ceremony, art, and imagination  
    The problems of meaninglessness and loneliness, the results of our unlived lives, can be made conscious. We can find an alternate interior
    play symbols ceremony imagination simpleman
  2. going to the place of the Mothers  
    Any man embarking on this symbolic quest must understand that he will be swept into one enthusiasm after another. Such enthusiasms soon wane and are
    symbols mother triplicity solitude introspective regression
  3. charioteer who gallops off at full speed  
    The efforts of planning, reasoning, discipline, and heroic ventures would only further the emotional confusion , it is only in the realm of symbol
    symbols ceremony heroic archetypes
  4. Metaphysics of Quality  
    “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, Robert Pirsig’s philosophical novel, 1974 and expanded in Lila: An Inquiry into Morals (1991) ZAMM
    archetypes symbols phenomena subject

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