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  1. making for the sake of making  
    Excessive technocentrism is the problem whereby entrepreneurs primarily pursue technology driven by a desire to make an impressive innovation and
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  2. The Fear of Being With a Smartphone  
    Nomophobia — the fear of being without a smartphone — a psychological affliction amplified by the pandemic. Our reliance on smartphones has transformed them from convenient tools to lifelines for maintaining personal good-standing. This transformation has led us to a digital slavery, where our actions and behaviors are influenced by algorithms, marketers, and policy keepers. Freud's analysis of civilization's discontents reminds us of the inherent tension between individual desires and societal obligations. The integration of smartphones into every aspect of our lives has blurred the line between necessity and intrusion, amplifying concerns about the influence of technology on our lives and societies. The act of collecting data on such a massive scale during the pandemic, along with the enforcement of tracking app usage, sets a precedent that could have a cascading effect, further eroding personal autonomy and societal norms. To address these challenges, we must critically examine our social structures and design human-centric technological systems that align with human needs and values. By doing so, we can navigate the risks and forge a path towards a future where innovation serves our best interests.
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  3. moving Grammarly documents to markdown folder  
    I’ve used Grammarly for the last decade. I was happy how quickly they improved the grammar and punctuation checks. The synonym suggestion worked
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  4. tech engineers desire  
    engineering desire, is the approach of Silicon Valley, authoritarian governments … happens in labs, with cold, lifeless instruments … use
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  5. the slavery of the machine  
    It is mentally and morally injurious to man to do anything in which he does not find pleasure. It is impossible to sweep the streets with mental,
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  6. Head of Inspiration  
    I’m actively looking for a new paid work right now. Serious commitments, though: it is all about obtaining the long-term model, not making
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  7. fear of being without a phone  
    Nomophobia — the fear of being without a smart phone — is a recognisable psychological affliction. In his book from 1930, Civilization and its
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  8. reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson  
    “This was not something to think about,” he later said. “This was something to do: to close your eyes, hold your breath, jump in, and come out the
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