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4 notes tagged "theology"

  1. doubt protects mystery from stagnation  
    the doubt which keeps alive the dialectical values, and therefore protects a culture from reification and stagnation, also serves to enliven the
    culture theology
  2. gender and other cultural fantiasies  
    while sex is biologically driven, gender is socially construed, and constricting definitions for men and women then have proved still another of
    fiction sexuality culture theology
  3. liberation of vital energy theme blake and reich  
    the liberation of vital energy theme , is one of the major motifs of our intellectual heritage. Freedom is our goal, and natural life is our
    theology spontaneity
  4. tiantai self-recontextualization  
    the most characteristic premise of Tiantai thought of all, which determines the meaning we intend for the term “radical” here: the idea of
    theology scripture hegelian

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