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  1. inventing psychotherapeutic vocabulary  
    Freud invented a vocabulary to describe the behaviors he observed in his work, he didn’t discover “ego” and “id” - he invented them for the use of
    therapeutic psychedelic language
  2. who is a good coach?  
    Coaching assumes clients possess emotional integration and focuses on creating the life they desire, not fixing problems. Effective coaching encourages clients to value themselves and set intrinsic, joy-filled goals. Coaches teach, but never impose their truths, allowing clients' self-realization. A mature coach nurtures self-actualization through awareness, responsibility, and authentic values. In contrast, younger, material-focused coaches prioritize winning, often causing dissatisfaction. Seasoned coaches prioritize nurturing, intuition, self-expression, and joy while aligning with clients' essence and remaining supportive observers.
    coaching introspective therapeutic individuality
  3. developmental task of the swampland states  
    we are challenged to grow up, to take on the journey … such enlargement is often terrifying, it is also freeing and brings dignity and meaning to
    journey courage therapeutic
  4. cartesian mechanistic physics vs quantum mechanics  
    somatic dance challenges traditional models of Cartesian dualism in which contemporary scientific psychology was born. Whereas Freud’s psychology
    cartesian therapeutic
  5. extending individuation into the world of things  
    The only way I can justify still using the term individuation today is by extending it to mean the individuation of each moment in life, each
    individuality therapeutic property platonism
  6. extending individual therapy to collective  
    We’re not attacking therapy so much as trying to extend it, reveal its blind spots … it’s not the idea of doing therapy that is wrong; there are
    phenomena therapeutic discovery collective
  7. letter one hundred years of psychotherapy  
    therapy, your basic kind—inward-searching, longterm, insight therapy—and its goal of individuation one hundred years of solitude—knowledge about the
    therapeutic solitude imagination
  8. individual impulses felt as compulsion traverses collective  
    We could say that something courses through the collective and is picked up and expressed in different mediums by different individuals, and that
    therapeutic collective outformation artist compulsion
  9. interior soul neglects exterior world  
    the calling does not have to be away from the world or rest upon a theory of self-enclosed individuals. Soul-making and care of soul do not have to
    cartesian therapeutic
  10. denying world’s body destroys our souls  
    we cannot go through the world for our own benefit and that we are actually destroying our souls by an attitude that pretends to save them … even
    therapeutic altruism world
  11. letter two hundred years of psychotherapy  
    puritanism, with all its subtle and not-so-subtle warpings of the culture, and the monotheism in thought, rather than religion, that has infected
    therapeutic culture collective
  12. third wave humanistic psychology  
    “Third Wave” in psychology. Psychoanalysis (studied neurotic pathology) and Behaviorism (discard personal experience altogether) had held the stage
    therapeutic gestalt somatic
  13. healthy and unhealthy work of art  
    From the point of view of subject, a healthy work of art is one the choice of whose subject is conditioned by the temperament of the artist, and
    artist therapeutic
  14. growth project of therapy  
    growth a huge part of the project of therapy, but the very word grow is a word appropriate to children. After a certain age you do not grow. You
    existentialism therapeutic consumerism realization growth
  15. child archetype worship  
    the therapy thing—you go back to your childhood. But if you’re looking backward, you’re not looking around. This trip backward constellates what
    therapeutic archetypes
  16. fantasy of growth in therapy  
    the fantasy of growth that you find in therapy, and also in New Age thought, doesn’t include this awkwardness … when we look at people going through
    therapeutic growth fantasies
  17. sophisticated therapeutic class  
    The sophisticated “therapeutic class” who come to private therapy have their stories already formed into the therapeutic genre, that is, the story
    therapeutic culture
  18. therapeutic fiction genre  
    fictions are mental constructs, fantasies by means of which we fashion or “fiction” (fingere) a life or a person into a case history Portnoy’s
    fantasies fiction therapeutic stylistics
  19. therapist-patient collaborating in a mutual fiction story  
    … counter-transference, the therapist-writer’s self-indulgence in the story. Two authors are now collaborating in a mutual fiction of therapy,
    fiction therapeutic
  20. the mistake of historical literalism  
    The core mistake of mechanism in psychology is that it literalizes functions and actions as discrete moving parts, separated from each other. … the
    fiction therapeutic
  21. see the literature in psychology  
    therapists are not aware enough that we are singers … ways of narration are limited to four kinds: epic, comic, detective, social realism … take
    therapeutic artist
  22. poiesis of psychoanalysis  
    Psychoanalysis is a work of imaginative tellings in the realm of poiesis, which means simply “making,” and which I take to mean making by
  23. jung cliff notes twenty nineteen  
    Jungian psychoanalysis: we are all fragmented and divided, and knowingly or not, we’re all searching for our souls acquired mind; Taoist, culture
    therapeutic individuality development manly womanly phenomena

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