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  1. training cats  
    'Operation Y': 3 offenders plot a heist. Heroism seen through emulation, brute force, control. Elsewhere, leaders choose 'guardian-architect' or humble 'scholar-gardener'. Surrendering to healing fiction I aim to design a better human experience embracing human empathy and creativity.
    triplicity mimetic film artist
  2. mass consumerism and excessive overconsumption  
    the acquisitive consumption, where things are acquired at a scale that exceeds one’s needs, or even one’s capacity to consume repetitive consumption
    triplicity culture
  3. triune task insight courage endurance  
    finding personal authority requires two things: sorting through the traffic within and living what we find with courage and consistency Wilhelm
    persistence reality triplicity
  4. astrological triplicities  
    Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed a starter, a producer, a finisher … 12 zodiac signs are subdivided into 3 qualities (also called modalities and
    astrology triplicity
  5. there are now three in the study  
    …, a far more powerful combination than just two. The poodle will bring energy and paradox, both of which are necessary for redemption. … flames
    hindu triplicity
  6. three levels system in society  
    Societies before the modern era and those still functioning in less-developed parts of the world believe that most people are to be left permanently
    triplicity culture hindu
  7. three levels of masculine consciousness  
    One story, for instance, relates that the simple man comes home in the evening wondering what’s for dinner, the complex man comes home pondering the
    triplicity egocentric happiness

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