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the mistake of historical literalism

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  1. training cats

    'Operation Y': 3 offenders plot a heist. Heroism seen through emulation, brute force, control. Elsewhere, leaders choose 'guardian-architect' or humble 'scholar-gardener'. Surrendering to healing fiction I aim to design a better human experience embracing human empathy and creativity.

  2. work

    By shifting our perspective on history and embracing the present, we can unlock our true potential and break free from self-imposed limitations. Discover the transformative conversations with the Catalyst, a psychological coaching that helps individuals overcome fear and resistance, embrace their unique perspectives, and create better futures for themselves and others.

  3. history symptom-making of the psyche

    event becomes an experience, moves from outer to inner, is made into soul, when it goes through a psychological process … Plato gave us main ones: